Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the Land of Cosmetics

I was over the moon when we booked our tickets to Seoul last February. Every year, during Holy Week, our family would try to make it a point to go on a trip since it's the only time that my dad can be free from work and my brother from school. We went to Korea during the beautiful April spring weather and it was just about right, not too cold, but still permitting of trench coats, scarves and boots (I always take advantage of wearing these as I live in a country where it is impractical to do so). During our very first night, we immediately feasted on authentic Korean BBQ since we got in late and way past dinner time already so just imagine how hungry we were! It was so good, their meat was so tender and the vegetables were so fresh. We had Korean BBQ around 3-4 times for the entire duration of our trip! YUM! But enough about the weather and the food. We all know what it is about Korea I really intend to talk about...

Korea teems with cosmetics stores!!! My eyes went ga-ga and my heart jumped for joy as I saw cosmetics stores left and right. The most popular shopping district in Seoul called Myeongdong houses all the famous fashion and makeup brands. A day isn't enough (in my opinion) to weave your way through this district, it just isn't!

Here are some snapshots of the popular brands and some beauty products. There aren't that many because the sales associates gave me weird looks whenever I would bring out my camera and snap photos inside their stores and of their products. Some even told me directly that it isn't allowed. Oh well, I tried my best!

And my personal favorite. *drumroll please!*

So much beauty products in all shapes, sizes, kinds and forms!

Leighton Meester endorsing Espoir!

After Myeongdong, we went to Hyundai department store and I was fortunate enough to catch a makeup demo held by Lancome.

Of course I had to visit the counter of one of my favorite makeup brands! They have the most attractive display ever! It's really sad not having this brand in Manila, we're missing out on all their fantastic products (and cute packaging)!

I also chanced upon this line of Shiseido called 'Integrate' that's pretty good and not so expensive! I got a foundation and an eyeshadow palette. =)

Lastly, I want to show proof of how BIG cosmetics are to Koreans. They even have a cosmetics store at a theme park! My brother and I went to Everland and on our way out we saw this huge Etude House boutique! 

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed snippets of cosmetics land that is Korea! I'm going to share with you the products that I got from my trip but I suppose that deserves a separate post. =)


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