Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Rainy Wednesday Shoot

Hello! Please excuse me as I am still on my backlog of posts. :) Last June, my friends and I decided to do a shoot at my friend Nica's house. There were no serious plans or preparations whatsoever, everything was just for fun! Our model was the pretty Marquis Misa whom I got to know through my friend Joni. It was my first time to meet her and she's really nice! I'm thankful that she trusted me to do her makeup that day and that she agreed even if it was just for fun.

Here are some of the photos. The photographer was my very talented friend, Anina Rubio! She was assisted by our new found friend, Kevin Cayuca.

The first look was just a natural, 'no makeup' makeup look!
I just enhanced Marquis' already beautiful face.

The second look was inspired by a page from one of Rae Morris's books called 'Beautiful Eyes'.
In the book, she did a winged eye makeup using different shades of blue eyeshadow.
I decided to focus on aqua and since my friend happened to have a sheer aqua scarf
lying around in her house, we decided to play with it. It made the perfect accessory indeed!

The light was too strong. Looking at this photo, I realized I should have 
darkened her eyeshadow and eyelinerto bring more intensity and emphasis. 
This is how we makeup artists learn! We criticize our own work. :)

Below, are some BTS shots. It's always fun when you're working with friends!
Photographer and MUA with no makeup!!!!

 Look who graced us with their presence! It's my beautiful goddaughter, Sjöfn!
Of course, accompanied by her hot momma, Paola!

 It was nice working with you, Marquis! Thank you!

Eating time!

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