Thursday, August 18, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics In Manila!

Word is going around, most rampantly in the blogosphere, that Benefit Cosmetics is indeed coming to Manila... SOON! (insert squeals and cartwheels in excitement here)

If you have read my post on my trip to Seoul, you'd recall how I did not let my trip pass without visiting the Benefit counter and purchasing an item from them. Having a penchant for all things sweet and girly, it really does not come as a surprise why I love Benefit! Apart from their fantastic products, no one could ever really beat their unique and attractive packaging and store layouts. I still can't believe Coralista, They're Real, Bathina and Girl Meets Pearl will all actually be easy to purchase soon!

According to word that has been going around, they will be opening a store in Makati; not exactly sure where in Makati though. I am also wondering if they will be opening a counter/kiosk type or an actual store. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that prices aren't steep just like those from some online resellers here (but you can't really blame them because taxes and shipping fees can be ridiculously expensive).

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