Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Romantic Luxe

I started this year taking makeup classes and told myself that this year will be all about fueling this passion. It just gives me even more delight being able to fuel this passion with dear friends who are equally passionate with their craft. Proof of this is actually the highlight of this entry...

One lovely Friday afternoon, AninaDonna and I did a shoot together. It was kind of last minute, really. We were just texting each other Tuesday night and then before we knew it everything was set! Donna, who is a freelance fashion stylist was quick to conceptualize an overall theme and then rummage through her closet to come up with fabulous looks. On the other hand, my photographer friend, Anina was in charge of booking a studio where our shoot was to be held. Meanwhile, I tasked myself to look for a hairstylist that could pull off the peg that I researched. It was quite difficult to get a hairstylist at the last minute but luckily, my other freelance fashion stylist friends Tin and Iris agreed to do it. As for the model, we couldn't have been more fortunate to have Dindi of PMAP agree to join our little project.

And so everything being set, we all met at the studio and immediately started doing our respective tasks. Makeup, of course, was the first thing to be done along with the hair while Donna laid out all the clothes on a rack and Anina started positioning the lights and doing test shots. 

As requested by Dindi, the first look was just a natural look to update and add to her beauty profile.

For the next look, I decided to do a soft smoky brown on the eyes to match the overall theme of the clothes and paired this with pale/pinkish nude lips.

Of course, I would also like to show you the outfit spreads to highlight the clothes. Donna calls the overall theme, 'Romantic Luxe'. The florals and embroidery give the looks that overall elegant feel.

For the last look, since the outfit had darker hues than the previous ones, I decided to change the makeup a bit by making the lips red to magnify the romantic feel. I think it suits the embroidered blazer really well. What do you think? =)

Photography: Anina Rubio
Hair: Iris Balares and Tin Ledesma

This post wouldn't be complete without me sharing with you the BTS photos! 

I had such an awesome team that day! Kudos to everyone!

And to the support group as well!


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